A Call to Community: Finding People of Faith in Your Workplace

Amy Alexander
Post by Amy Alexander
September 15, 2023
A Call to Community: Finding People of Faith in Your Workplace

"What did you think of the Moses play?" I asked one of my four-year-old twins.

"Ya. It was good. It's cool that God uses mans to do His work." She responded, in her broken, child-like English.

I was blown away at my daughter's response after the curtain closed on the Sight and Sound production of Moses. We watched incredible special effects, top-notch vocals, and extravagant sets on three sides. And after all the spectacle and distraction, she saw right through to the story's heart.

God uses us (in community) to do His work.

God works through man(s), as a four-year-old would put it.

Yes, we know, God uses us to do His work. But He doesn't use us in silos. 

One of the powerful things my sweet daughter already understands is this: God uses people who are in community.

Exhibiting faith in the workplace can be lonely. And if you're a business owner, there's plenty of loneliness to go around. Worrying over budgets, client relations, and employee resources. The harsh reality is that running a company is hard and often lonely.

Being vocal about faith can sometimes be one more avenue to feel "other." And while God can use us however He wants, there is power in gathering Christian allies in your workplace.

Even Moses, a Hebrew who was planted in the heart of a pagan culture, did not free the people of God by himself. God pulled him out of Egypt, formed him and called him, and then sent him back with his family by his side (Aaron, Zipporah, and others) to deliver God's message to Pharaoh. 

God spoke to Moses, but Aaron spoke for Moses (Exodus 7). Zipporah corrected Moses and saved him from his own lack of leadership (Exodus 4). 

God used Moses in community to free an entire nation of slaves.

What could you accomplish with a team?

It might be worth asking yourself that question. What could you accomplish if you had people in your company who were on mission for Jesus? How would that change your daily approach to leadership? How would that transform priorities and employee programs?

We're often tempted to solve this problem with chaplaincy. And, let me say loud of clear: having a corporate chaplain is a great thing. But, is it the silver bullet we so often want it to be?

The examples we have of discipleship in the Bible all point to this same idea: we are not meant to do this alone. A single chaplain cannot bear the weight of leading people to Jesus.

If we're honest, we often leave ministry to the pastors and clergy and chaplains of our culture. And if we're even more honest, God is calling us to something else. Something more.

Unlocking the Ekklesia in your business.

Ekklesia, the Greek word often translated as "church" in the New Testament, is all around us. People who know Jesus, people who want to serve a higher purpose, people who are willing to take risks and demonstrate Christ's love, and people who want to share their testimony.

If you're hearing the Kingdom call on your business, join one of our upcoming roundtables. Talk with other business leaders and owners who are hungry to talk about the intersection of faith and business.

Even more, if you're overwhelmed by a desire to act on God's calling, but you're not sure what to do next. Well, we have your next step right here. Join our next 12 week intensive, and begin unlocking the Kingdom DNA in your business.

Amy Alexander
Post by Amy Alexander
September 15, 2023
Amy is a branding expert and worship leader with 20 years of experience in both the professional and ministry worlds. She is dedicated to helping business leaders develop formative practices that ignite discipleship in their homes and businesses. She lives with her husband and twin girls in Virginia.